Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pretty = Beautiful

ooh i almost forgot, a boy from friendster sent me this. he's not even in my friends list and i swear i've never met him before....

how are you feeling today, baby?
are you feeling blue, or happy?
by looking at your picture,
looks like you are happy, and wacky as ever,
but if you are feeling blue,
then i would like to entertain you,
because you are the most interesting girl i've met in
making you happy definitely makes me feel better,
so tell me how you feel, baby,
i'll take you out of your miseries,
btw, i've got something to tell you,
now, i kinda miss you,
you're always on my mind,
almost all the time,
am i a psycho or something?
is my life so boring?
or maybe you've been so great to me,
what do you think, baby?
do you think i'm crazy?
well, i think you're cute, and pretty... :)

pretty = beautiful

ha ha...charming!

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