Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What can i say, she's the imperfect that i grew to love....

tyiara, there are many things that i've heard about her from a whole lot of people. good and bad things. but above all that, i love her. i love her so much, no words could describe how much i appreciate her. i'll put her first in line, even my boyfriend won't be on the same par. i will support her in every decision that she made and i will be by her side when the whole world is against her. i promise you that. as i told you, you're not just a bestfriend, you're my family.

i still remember, when we were 14, in her dorm, we pricked our thumb with pin, and we combined blood and said 'til death do us part'. i know that was silly but we were 14 and we were the best of friend. even if it's not much, her blood still runs in my body somewhere. maybe that's why i can't trigger her out. maybe that's why i miss her so much. maybe that's why i grew to love her more and more each day. she's the best thing that've ever happen to me.

i would give her my life if i have too.

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