Thursday, August 16, 2007

sometimes you start a little pet project like this and you have every intentions of keeping it up to date. but such is the professional world, you get busy at work, you don't have time to log on and the last thing i want to do when i get home is spend time reliving that days absurdities.

before you know it, you forgot you even started this side project.

but then, you get hit with some insanely ignorant bullshit question that actually makes you stand back in awe and say to yourself "i need to do something about this. i should start a site where i can vent these frustrations, show the world that yes, companies succeed, they grow by leaps and bounds, all on the input and collaboration of the intellectually challanged"

and it dawns on you that you already did that. so with that, here was todays comment that made me rediscover this blog.

i was asked by someone in Sales, what price a new title would be sold for.

don't people in Sales have meetings to discuss these types of things?

i apologize, i was about to go on a rant of how extremely unknowlegable most Sales people are of the product they've made their CAREERS out of selling, their profession of choice is to SELL (Sales 101, right at the top of the Sales For Dummies pamphlet, the first bullet point is "know what price you are selling for dipshit"), but then that would be too easy, like taking candy from a baby, but this baby is retarded... and has no legs... and no opposable thunbs to even hold the candy which you are taking.

and what kind of sick fuck are you that you would take candy from a handicapped, retarded baby.

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